Wrong or missing data on a dashboard

Data missing for a new network

myDash needs a little time to import your transactions. You should usually see data for the last 30 days a few minutes after setting up the network. Transactions for the last 365 days will be imported within the next 24 h. You can see the import status in the network settings.

Please contact us on the chat if you don’t see any data after 24 h.

Data is slightly wrong compared to network

If you data is slightly off it is most likely due to some timezone issue. Please try to set a timezone offset for the network in the network settings. You might need to play around a bit - it’s hard to give general advice here as it depends on your, the server’s and the network’s timezone. For Europe the offset is generally somewhere around +/- 2h.

Please contact us if you can’t solve the issue by adjusting the timezone offset.

Values are wrong for “today”

Since myDash only imports new transactions every 4h there might be a slight delay in the values. Also some networks don’t support same-day-data. Data for “yesterday” and earlier should always be precise though.

No more or missing data for an existing network

If this happens, please check back again in a few hours. Usually data will be imported again by then.

Please contact us if the error persists.

The data for the current day will most file

Data caches

The data is cached in multiple places

  • In the database
  • In the browser when ever the time frame of a dashboard is changed

Force refresh data

Hitting the green refresh button forces myDash to skip the caches and get new data from the respective network(s). That’s why this process might take a little longer than just changing time frames in the datepicker. The new data overrides the data in the caches, but only for the current dashboard in the browser. Meaning if you force refresh the data on a network view and then change to a project view, the browser will still have the old data cached. You will have to hit the green button again to clear the browser cache here as well.

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