Use Google Search Console with myDash

myDash can show your data from the Google Search Console. It will fetch the top 1000 keywords by clicks. Meaning the 1000 keywords that brought you the most traffic. The following values are the calculated average of those 1000 keywords:

google search overview on mydash

Please note: Search Console does only supply data for the last 90 days. Older timeframes are not supported. If you choose a timeframe bigger than the last 90 days, only the last 90 days will be used.

How to connect and use Google Search Console with your myDash project

  1. Please make sure you have authenticated your google account. If you don’t know how to do this, please check the first part of this Article
  2. In order to get data from the Search Console your myDash project needs to have the exact same url as your project property. Please compare the two pictures below.

myDash project Search Console Property

  1. Check if SearchConsole is enabled in your project settings: Search Console in project settings

  2. Now you should have “Search Console” in the navigation. Please click on it to see results: Search Console in navigation

Note: If you get an error on the search console page it’s most likely because your url does not match the url of the Google property. Also make sure, that you actually have data on the google search dashboard for this property.

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