The myDash affiliate programm

It kind of makes sense to have an affiliate system for an affiliate performance dashboard, doesn’t it? Here is how the myDash affiliate system works.

How much can I earn?

Depending on whether the new user subscribes for a monthly or annual plan you’ll either get the full amount of the first month fee or 10 % of the annual fee. So for example, if a user signs up for the “Blogger Pro” plan you’ll get 19 €, if he signs up for the “Annual Blogger Pro”, you’ll get 19,90 €

How can I become a myDash affiliate?

You need to be signed up to myDash to become an affiliate. Then simply head over to any project settings page and add the affiliate network “myDashAffiliate” and enter your paypal email for payouts.

mydash affiliate

Once the network is set up, head over to it’s settings page. Here you’ll find your personal affiliate id which you can add to links (something like “?aid=123-456-12”) and a few link examples. You can use links to pages on our hompage ( or to the signup page (

How does it work exactly?

If a user get’s to myDash using your affiliate link we’ll set a 60-day cookie (last cookie wins!). If the user signs up within these 60 days of your cookie, you’ll be set as the user’s referrer and an empty transaction will show up in your dashboard. Once the user subscribes to a plan, your transaction will be updated with the actual value and details of the subscription. The transaction will be approved after ~ 30 days or, to be more specific, either: a) once the user successfully paid his second monthly fee b) 31 days passed since subscribing to an annual plan

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