How to set up networks

This guide will walk you through the general process of hooking up a network to myDash. Please search the documentation if you look for help to set up for a particular network.

Setting up a network connection

First of all, please navigate to the settings page of your project: My Project > Settings. Here you will be able to set up all the network connections for this project. At the very top you’ll find a dropdown manu with all the available affiliate networks:

Select your affiliate network

You will also find a dropdown for digital product providers and newsletter providers as well as simple input fields for analytics and your social networks.

After choosing a network you will see a form looking similar to this example:

Affiliate network setup form

Required credentials and information

Every network will have a description on where to find the keys and how to set it up. Some of them can be a bit tricky so please read and follow the instructions. 😉 If you need any more help for a particual network please search this documentation or contact us on the inapp chat.

All networks require some sort of log in credential like API keys or passwords. Don’t worry, all your credentials are stored securely.

Also networks will require some ID or similar that identifies this project. Without it we can not gather the right stats if you have more than one project setup at your affiliate network.

Last but not least please set the reporting currency of the network. The reporting currency is the currency this network uses (usually the one you see in their dashboard). The reporting currency can be the same or different to the currency you set for myDash. It it’s different myDash will automatically convert your commission to the currency set in the general settings.

Are you missing a network in the list?

Please check if the missing network is already on the trello board and upvote it to push it up the implementation queue. Your missing network is not on board? Please contact us in the inapp chat and we’ll check it and put it up for development. 👍

Where to go from here

Setting up your network connections in myDash can sometimes be a bit challenging depending on the requirements of the respective network. If you have any problems please try to find a guide for your network here in the documentation. If it’s missing or you still need help, please don’t hesitate contacting us on the chat.

This is the ever-growing list of our “How to connect XYZ” guides (work in progress 😉).

Find your network here:

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