How to set up analytics

To set up analytics for your project, please navigate to your settings page and authenticate myDash with your google account if you haven’t done so already:


Please not that clicking the button will open a popup. This is sometimes blocked by your browser. If there is no popup please check the the url bar for a hint of a blocked one.

After authenticating with google please navigate to your project settings and find this input field (not available for the Blogger plan):

Setting up the analytics view id Simply enter your analytics view id and you are ready to go!

How to find your google analytics View ID:

Analytics View ID

  1. Log in to your analytics account
  2. Navigate to the project this is about
  3. If you have several views for this project make sure you select the one that represents the data most useful for myDash
  4. Click on Admin at the bottom of the sidebar and navigate to View Settings
  5. Copy the View ID from the top of the page (see screenshot above)
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