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Set up Amazon connection

How to connect your Amazon Associates account to myDash

Unfortunately connecting the Amazon account is the most complicated of all - thanks to Amazon not offering a better solution to get the transaction data.

Please follow the steps below to create a new amazon user for myDash and contact us after so we can set up the connection for you

  1. Create a new user account for myDash in your Amazon Account settings. Please use a new email for this that is not associated to any amazon account yet.
  2. You have to invite the user and enter a code to get this working.
  3. It works best if you use two different browsers - one for the existing and one for the new user.
  4. Check if you can log in with the newly created user.
  5. Add a Amazon connection (network) for the new user in myDash at: Your Project > Settings > Add affiliate network
  6. Please contact on the chat to finalize implementation. The process takes about 15 min.
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