How to set up AffiliNet

Set up affilinet api in mydash

How to connect the affilinet API with myDash

Connecting the affilinet API with myDash is pretty straight forward. Just follow the steps below and you are good to go!

  1. Login to mydash and navigate to the settings page of the project you like to add affilinet to.

  2. Select affilinet from the dropdown menu.

Select affilinet

  1. Login to your affilinet account

  2. Copy your Publisher ID. You can find it in the top bar next to your URL.

  3. Find your Publisher Webservice Password:

    • EN: Navigate to Solutions > Web Services > Access data
    • DE: Produkte > Webservices > Zugangsdaten

Publisher Webservice Password

  1. Copy the Publisher Webservice(!) Password and paste it into the right field at myDash.

That’s it. After you copied the keys to myDash hit “Create network”. myDash will test the connection and tell you if it’s working.

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