How to add transactions/income to a project manually?

You can easily enter transactions for your projects manually. This is useful for adding a native ad or backlink sale or if you want to display data from a network that does not have an API. Here is a step by step guide on how to do this:

1. Add ManualTransactions network

Go to the settings page of your project and choose ‘ManualTransactions’ from the affiliate network dropdown list and hit create network:

Add Manual Transactions network

2. Enter a new transaction

After the network was successfully created go to the settings page of the created network. Here you can enter a transaction by filling out the form below:

Enter a Transactions

You can enter any Merchant ID you like -just make sure it’s the same if you have several transactions for one merchant. The Commission field takes your revenue and the sale total is the amount of the sale. If this is not an affiliate item, they can have the same value.

2. Delete a transaction

On the network settings page you can also delete transactions you have entered before. To do so simply enter the ID of the transaction and hit ‘Delete Transaction’. You can find the id in the transaction table of the network’s dashboard. Make sure you have the ‘id’ checkbox checked:

Find transaction id

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