Get started with myDash

This is a short guide on how to get started with myDash.

myDash is the all-in-one dashboard for your blogs or affiliate websites. This is why we structured the app to enable you get performance insights of each project as well as all of your projects together on one glance.

This is the app structure:


Overview of your income accross all your projects, affiliate networks and digital product providers. Here all your income stats are gathered and visualized to quickly identify and compare your projects and networks performance.


The section dedicated to one particular project, usually a website. This will show up in the sidebar as soon as you add it. Every project features the following components:

  • Dashboard The dashboard of this project. Here you see the stats of all the networks you connect to this project. This can be your email provider, social stats, digital product sales and your affiliate networks. Here you get a very good overview of this particular project. This is also where your analytics stats are combined with your income so you can quickly identify relations and growth.

  • Networks (Dashboard, Settings) Every single network will have it’s own dashboard. Here you will get deep insights for every network. All transactions will be listed and you will be able to see which merchant or product are performing best within this network. Also every network has a settings page where you can edit your connection and currency settings.

  • Settings The settings page for your project. Here you can set up new network connections and edit the general settings for this project.

    If you are missing any piece of information here please either contact us on the chat or directly suggest the topic here following the link on the top of the page.

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