Meet the clients: Hadi from

Hadi Reda

Hadi comes from an e-commerce background and was able to combine his passion for sneakers and affiliate marketing into a successfully growing search platform for sneaker.

Hello! What's your background, and what affiliate project are you working on?

Hi, my name is Hadi and I'm coming from an e-commerce background. Because my experience in this field and my passion for sneaker I started - a search portal for sneaker

What motivated you to get started with affiliate marketing in the first place?

The project started out as a tool for myself. While it was kind of foreseeable that it would develop into it's current state, it still came as a surprise to me. I guess my big motivation is the combination of my passion and growing revenues.

What have your biggest challenges been in creating

The biggest challenge was acquiring shops that did not have any affiliate marketing yet and convince them that Searchin will actually increase their sales and their level of brand awareness.

How have you attracted users and grown

Most of the users come from google as we are pretty SEO focussed. So far we hardly put any money in Ads or other online marketing measures. We only do facebooks ads from time to time in order to better market a product special.

What are your goals for the future with

We like to find a better way to produce and evaluate our statistics - ideally with one click. At the moment it's to much manual work.

What's your advice for affiliate marketers who would like to tackle a similar project?

Don't hesitate - do it! ;)

How is myDash making your life easier?

With myDash I don't have to log in to several affiliate networks every day to get my revenue statistics. This saves me a huge amount of time. Not least because I don't have to deal with password resets in the inevitable case I forget one of them. ;)