How to get the most out of myDash

How to simplify and automate your reporting with myDash

myDash is here to give you your blog’s or website’s performance on a single glance. This means the more project related networks you hook up to myDash, the better and easier it’ll become for you to get insights on your performance.

Gather your affiliate and other income streams

Set up your income streams

The most important first: your earnings. Currently, myDash supports affiliate networks and digital product providers like SendOwl to gather your income. (more integrations soon, check this trello board for details)

Setting up networks takes a little bit of time at the start, but it’s totally worthwhile because after myDash checks all of them for you automatically. No more need to check your several income streams manually. If you need any help setting up networks please start by looking into the myDash documentation.

myDash will prepare your income data in easy to understand graphs and tables you can see everything you want to quickly. Which networks performs especially well in a certain period of time? Which networks makes the most money and with which product? myDash answers all those questions with ease. If you have several projects set up you can even compare them and see which one is performing best.

Add analytics to mydash

Set up analytics

Now this is where it becomes interesting: hooking up your analytics data. As soon as you’ve authenticated with google and entered your projects view id, you can match your income with your analytics data and see, how they relate. You can also check analytics only and see how your audience is developing over time. Check your project’s dashboard for deeper insights.

Social and newsletter data on mydash

Set up your social data & newsletter provider

Do you have a Facebook page, a twitter or Instagram account? Hook them up to see how your social followers are developing. You can also hook up your project’s email list. This really tell’s you where you are in terms of audience engagement.

Currency and date settings

Set up currency for automatic conversion

myDash features automatic currency conversion. First set up the reporting currency for myDash in the settings. Then you can set the reporting currency for every network. So for example, if your myDash currency is set to USD and the network's to EUR, your income will automatically be converted and displayed in USD. myDash get's new conversion rates every 24h.

Email report settings

Use the email reports

myDash gives you all this data on a single glance, but it get’s even better: if you wish, all this data will be sent to you by email daily, weekly and monthly. This automates your performance controlling even more. Know where you are staying with out logging in to a single network.