How to easily track your affiliate website’s performance with myDash

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Performance, income and traffic metrics are often the rather unsexy part of running a successful affiliate website or blog. Yet it’s vital to keep track of these KPIs if you want to know what’s really working on your site and find out how you actually make your money.

If you want to do it right, tracking these metrics often involves bloating spreadsheets and it becomes very time consuming very quickly. Luckily myDash the all-in-one affiliate dashboard has your back!

myDash - Affiliate Dashboard An affiliate dashboard like myDash helps you to keep track of your affiliate income

myDash takes care of the annoying parts for you: It gathers your statistics data from all your networks and presents them in an easy and insightful way for you to dive in and analyze.
Read on to find out how myDash can help you save time, money and keep track of your stats the easy way!

Gather your affiliate income

If you use affiliate marketing to monetize your website or blog it’s highly likely that you use several affiliate networks. Keeping track of each’s performance usually means logging in to every single one of them, navigate to the right page and select your timeframe to finally see how much money you made.

myDash takes care of this for you on a single click! After you connect your networks to the dashboard we automatically collect your commission data from all of them so you don’t have to.

affiliate income overview Affiliate income overview on one of the graphs. The bars are your income of the different networks the line is your visitors count.

Check out all the supported affiliate networks to date. If you are missing one, we are happy to hook it up for you — you’ll also get a free month of any plan as a reward. :)

Track your digital products

The same can be done with the digital products you sell over networks such as SendOwl. myDash logs in for you, gets your transactions and combines them with the rest of your stats on your project dashboard. Again you can check out the supported networks here.

Monitor your audience

But myDash can do far more than just gather your income stats. Set up your google analytics account to match you income with your visitor statistics. If you also hook up your email list and your social accounts you have all your statistics on one dashboard. Nice isn’t it?

affiliate project audience dashboard Easily see your overall performance on your projects dashboard.

Track all of your projects

What makes myDash unique is it’s setup structure and focus on projects. This enables you to get your performance insights on different levels:

Track multiple affiliate websites The structure of myDash. Get an overview or insights on project and networks level.

  1. Overview
    See how much you earn with all your projects and compare them. This is basically your big online-income number

  2. Project-Level
    Dive into each of your projects or websites to see how they are doing individually. Which network is performing well? How many users and followers do you have?

  3. Network-Level
    The next level is one particular network of your project with all the transactions data in detail. Which merchant is performing good. Which products do sell best?

Affiliate Transaction List Table with all the transactions data of a particular network

Focus on growth

Let myDash monitor all your site’s performance metrics for you, save time and money while getting better and deeper insights of your projects.
You can finally ditch the spreadsheets, automate your monitoring routine and focus on what’s important: growing your audience and earnings.

👉 Go and get your free 30-day trial for myDash here