Meet the clients: Flavio from Guiajando

Flavio Amiel

Flavio Amiel calls himself a jack of all trades and is right to do so. He created a network of very well written, researched and revenue optimized city blogs for the spanish speaking audience. Find out more about how he started out and what his challenges along the way have been.

Hello Flavio! What's your background, and what affiliate project are you working on?

Hi! I am jack of all trades, and master of all. I studied mass communication and have done a series of things over the years. From websites, to coding, to producing cinema and huge events. Branding, marketing, catering, photography, PR, translations, design, etc. You name it, I've probably done it.

Right now I'm working on a spanish city guide for Lisbon and other similar websites for cities all over Europe.

What motivated you to get started with affiliate marketing in the first place?

It was an accident.

I started blogging about Lisbon at the beginning of the financial crisis, and since everyone wanted a cheap place to go, Lisbon got the hype (hint: it is not that cheap anymore).

Eventually I put a couple of affiliate links on the site and suddenly I did my first 6 euros! It was an eureka moment that gave me momentum to keep going for years.

What have your biggest challenges been in creating

Not having enough resources to do things faster. Also, not diverting into plan B's is a challenge for me, since I like novelty and try new ideas, but is not a great way to go about things. Finding the right technical partner, team mates, etc. is also a big challenge.

How have you attracted users and grown

Basically SEO, Social media, Email marketing and partnerships.

What are your goals for the future with

Create a recognizable travel brand amongst the spanish speaking audience and create more meaningful ways to help travelers get better deals while saving time and money.

What's your advice for affiliate marketers who would like to tackle a similar project?

Stick to one idea for a long time. Talk to your audience. Test different affiliates, one that gets you little money for big traffic probably is not hitting a nerve, so try another one without fear, and see what happens ;)

How is myDash making your life easier?

I have several vertical travel websites (+20 and counting) and needed ONE place to have a glance of what was going on in terms of money, ROI, CAC, etc.. myDash helps me get that data that otherwise would've cost me a lot of money to gather (manually or automated).

With myDash I get all that on one single dashboard.

myDash also is good way for me to share information with third-parties and collaborators that can help me get more money without giving away sensible information like passwords, usernames, etc.