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Keeping track of your website's income and traffic statistics is key to online success. myDash gives you all the metrics you need on a single dashboard. Save time, money and ditch the spreadsheets.

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Why do you need myDash?

Track Your Revenue

Stop logging into multiple accounts and save time

myDash collects commission stats from your affiliate networks and product sales on one dashboard.

Know how much you earned today, this month or last year with a single click. Analyze the performance of you websites and networks individually.


Income this month

Monitor Your Audience

Track your visitors, followers and subscribers in one place

myDash gathers data from your analytics account, social media profiles and newsletter provider so you can get the full picture of your audience and site's performance in one place.







Get Individual insights

Get seperate insights for every project and network

myDash is build so you can easily get stats on different levels: See exactly how much money each website or network is creating. You can also analyse every transaction made within each network.

Of course you also get the big numbers combining all your project's income.

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Focus on Growth

Combine your audience and income stats for deeper insights

Let myDash monitor all your site’s performance metrics for you on an affiliate dashboard, save time and money.

No more spreadsheets! Automate your monitoring routine and focus on what's important: growing your audience and earnings. 2016

Easily track and visualize key metrics from tools like:

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